Aug 5, 2014


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Hamis Mwinjuma aka MwanaFalsafa aka MwanaFA aka Binamu is Tanzania’s brightest Bongo Flava artists commandeering the Hip Hop genre with a string of hits under his belt. His popularity is largely attributed by his mastery and ability to mold the Swahili language into poetic and entertaining flows while delivering his message. A holder of a Master of Science (MSc.) in Finance from Coventry University in the United Kingdom MwanaFA has envisioned the importance of utilizing the knowledge he has amassed during his quest for education in building a corporate brand around his name and use the same as a marketing tool for corporates in Tanzania working to build a positive image for their products as well as fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to the Tanzania community by utilizing his God-given talent to convey the message to the mass.
His performance and lyrical contents have made him one of the most famous Bongo Flava artists in Tanzania; a record he has kept for over 12 years. As an artist MwanaFA managed to maintain a large fan base across Tanzania as he has been making music that relate to the lives of average Tanzanians. From ‘Ingekuwa Vipi’, ‘Alikufa kwa Ngoma’, ‘Msiache Kuongea’, ‘Bado Nipo Nipo’, ‘Yalaiti’ and ‘Ameen’ MwanaFA has proved that not only he is the best but also a role model they can relate to.
“My mission is to restore hope to my fellow musicians and artists as a whole that our talent can work for us.”
Being an iconic musician of our time in Tanzania; MwanaFA aspires to be the blueprint of both the youth in the community who are aspiring to dream big, as well as the artists struggling to attain their true value. MwanaFA intends to demonstrate how art can be used as a vessel to create reliable employment in Tanzania. Through his brand recognition, MwanaFA intends to motivate the youth, and execute professional dealings which will serve as models for aspiring entrepreneurs in Tanzania.
MwanaFA visualize himself as a trend setter and an agent for change working towards a better Tanzania by using music as a media of transformation. As a learned artist MwanaFA visualize himself as an Ambassador of Hope to youths of Tanzania inspiring them to do an honest work to achieve their potential and be productive members of the community Binamu Initiative
Binamu is a Swahili word that direct English translation is ‘Cousin’. MwanaFA believes that none of us on this earth is larger than life and we are all distant cousins. As part of reaching out to the community of Tanzania and bring about change MwanaFATM has embarked on a mission to help those who are blessed with less by giving them the olive branch and steer them on the right path through education; formal or vocational.
Binamu Initiative Project is going to target street children in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam being our pilot city). Binamu Initiative will work with the target group by educating them and training them so that they can be productive members of the community. The project shall also strive to find permanent settlements for street children in Tanzania.
Education Background
Coventry University [UK]
January 2009 – February 2010
Areas of Interest:
Financial Analysis and Decision Making, International Financial Markets, Institutional Investments, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Financial Strategy, Emerging Markets Finance and Quantitative Methods for Finance.

Masters of Science in Finance
Institute of Finance Management October 2004 – June 2007
Area of Interest:
Risk Management

Advanced Diploma in Insurance
Institute of Finance Management October 2003 – May 2004
Certificate in Information Technology
Music Career – Albums and Singles
  1. Ameen – Featuring Dully Sykes and AY
  2. Yalaiti – Featuring Linna
  3. Unanijua Unanisikia
  4. Bado Nipo Nipo
  1. Naona Nazeeka – Featuring Professor Jay and Sugu (Mr. II)
  2. Naongea na Wewe – Featuring AY
  3. Msiache Kuongea – Featuring Lady JayDee
Awards and Nominations
  1. Best Hip Hop Song – Alikufa Kwa NgomaKILI TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS – 2004
  2. Best Hip Hop Album – UnanitegaKILI TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS – 2005
  3. Best Collaboration Song – Habari Ndio Hiyo Featuring AYKILI TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS – 2007
  4. Best Collaboration Song – Hawajui Featuring Lady JayDeeKILI TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS – 2008
  5. Best Song WriterKILI TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS – 2008
  6. Urban Contemporary Music Collaboration – Habari Ndio Hiyo Feat. AYEAST AFRICAN MUSIC AWARDS – 2011
  1. Best East African Video – Naongea na Wewe CHANNEL O MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS – 2009
  2. Best Collaboration Video – Naongea na Wewe Featuring AYCHANNEL O MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS – 2009


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